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All-In San Benito

Cultivating Our Future While Preserving Our Past

We are excited to announce a restoration project on the old Nyland property. The historic barn seen from Highway 156 has stood the test of time and weathered many seasons. We have received a $40,000 donation but need an additional $25,000 to complete the restoration. Click below to support our efforts in saving the Yellow Barn.

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All-In San Benito

Cultivating Our Future of Agricultural Lands and Open Space

The San Benito Agricultural Land Trust (SBALT) plays a crucial role in protecting agricultural 
lands in San Benito County, an area known for its rich soil and agricultural heritage. Our work is 
critical to preserving the land that sustains productive agriculture, provides habitat for 
wildlife, and supports the local economy.

To protect the land for the long term, we work with individual landowners and partners to secure 
conservation agreements that permanently restrict nonagricultural development. Since 1993, SBALT 
has protected 7,300 acres in conservation easement partnerships and fee title acquisitions.

SBALT is the only local land trust focused on preserving the unique farmland, rangelands, and 
natural spaces of San Benito County for generations to come. Without our efforts, San Benito 
County’s agricultural land would be at much greater risk of conversion to development. Read our full case statement here.


All-In San Benito

Start Your Sustaining Gift Today!
Your recurring donation to SBALT will provide a reliable source of funding enabling us to plan and implement conservation projects, support local agriculture, and ensure that future generations will enjoy the open spaces and agricultural lands that make our community exceptional.

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